Tuesday, June 14, 2016

54. Bucks County Plein Aire event

 I just finished a weeklong event painting in Bucks County PA.  While it was their first year to host the event, it was very organized, and everything seemed to go smoothly.  I sold 5 paintings at the event!  I painted 10 altogether.  I will be posting those later this week.  Here are the 5 that I sold:
 " Dancing Allium",  8x10  This was painted during the "Quick Paint" event.  They are usually 2 hours - but this one allowed only ONE hour to complete a painting!  I was really nervous about this event (I kept thinking to myslef:  just don't think about it!)  I liked the way that I turned out and it sold!
 "Shadow Play"  9x12  Painted at the Mill at the George Washington Crossing Park  This was my favorite painting from the event

  "Before the Storm"  12x12  This a terrible photograph!

 "In the Shade"  9x12  Painted early in the morning at Peace Valley Park, a particularly lovely place, deserving of its name!  Another bad photo though!

Into the Blue Hills 9x12  I was lost when I found this place to paint - simply a road in Buck County.

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