Friday, June 24, 2016

56. Reworking

Below are three paintings that I have recently"reworked".

The top or first version is the reworked painting - for reference you can see the prior version underneath.
 Long Shadows, 8x10.  I felt that the sky in the version below was "dirty" and did not lend the kind of light that I was aiming for.  The version above feels more like a summer morning.

 I like the basic composition and color scheme of the one below - I was not satisfied with the brushwork though.  I am much happier with the finished version!

 The barn is obviously the center of attention in this painting - but it was kind of boring!  So, I added some details - windows, doors, etc and brightened the front face of the barn.  The foreground got a little more definition as well.  Better now.

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