Friday, August 19, 2016

57.Artist Statement

I paint in oil to satisfy my own personal need to create.  It is a thrill for me to get lost in luscious color, compositional arrangements and mark-making.  Painting allows me to center myself, and to let the chatter of the world slip away. 

I love to paint landscapes, especially those of beauty: the golden light of dusk, clouds building on the horizon or leaves backlit by the sun.  In response, I lift up the splendor of the natural world as a reaction against the ugliness so often found around us.  Often, this might be a scene that might be overlooked:  a pond, a field at dusk, or a simple tree.  I want to capture that moment of beauty and my place in that moment.  When I am successful, my work reflects an elusive moment of peace and serenity in an otherwise chaotic world.

These moments of beauty are for me a glimpse of the “thin spaces” – those small gaps through which I can touch the edge of heaven.  I feel closest to the “Divine” when I am painting outdoors. Even when I am in my studio painting, I am still exploring for those ephemeral moments of grace that transcend my worries of everyday. 

My hope is that my paintings bring a moment of serenity to my viewers as well.

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